Blooming in knowledge causes pain !


“Blooming in knowledge causes pain
That is what now I am suffering from!”

              --   excerpt from the poetic collection
“The Nascent Moon”

Any great or good thing will not come to you all of a sudden, like the lightening from the dark. You have to expense a lot of hard work before you could get anything that is really worthy.

Majority of the people in the world give great importance to the money and wealth and they struggle in order to acquire a lot of wealth. In doing so, they will undergo many kinds of difficulties and hurdles and even then not all will succeed in acquiring the money they hope for. 

But, in the process of getting the money, whether they fulfill their desires or not, they will get some sort of maturity due to the struggle they make to acquire wealth – due to the struggle or plans they make.

Looking in the other perspective, thought majority of the people are working for money or wealth – ‘wisdom’ or ‘knowing’ too comes to them along with the wealth they hope for.

But, the philosophers have a different view on this process. Contrary to the above point, the philosophers say that, “man is struggling for wisdom and in the process of getting it they get different things as by products and these different things could be money, jobs, wife, children, fame and the like”.

The ‘soul’ came to the world, only for getting maturity. So, getting maturity is the main point and the other things are subsidiary. In other words ‘life’ is a practical way of getting ‘maturity’. We do all sorts of things and you finally get the wisdom and maturity or inner blooming.

A ‘bud’ blooming into a flower is not an easy thing. It has to face many challenges on the way. I. e., the process of blooming is not an easy thing. The soft little bud is hit by the dew drops, by the adjacent leaves and sticks, by the winds and the like. Of course, these touchings might not be painful to ‘us’ but, they indeed give immense pain to the bud due to its softness and delicacy. The bud suffers a lot before it could turn into a flower.

In the same way, in the process of getting maturity – we, the people and other beings as well, suffer a lot; the evolution is not an easy thing.

Our way of getting ‘wisdom’ is in an indirect way. First of all ‘you’ start with something else in the mind like money, jobs, position, fame, etc., and whether we reach our target or not we end up with some ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowing’ as well. I.e., in everything we do, there is a growth in the being but, of course it might be very minute in fact.

Getting ‘maturity’ or growing in ‘knowing’ is not an easy thing; it requires a lot of struggle and is wrought with immense pain. Like the common saying goes; ‘Rome was not built in a day’ – getting maturity will take a lot of time too apart from ‘pain’.

This maturity ultimately leads to ‘enlightenment’ or merging with the whole. Although it demands a lot of time, pain and struggle ‘enlightenment’ is worth it.

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~ Albert