With time and test one turns divine!

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“It is with time and test
That one turns divine
Like a piece of carbon
That turns into a diamond”

     --  Excerpt from the poetic collection
                             - “The Nascent Moon”

The birth of a diamond is not easy and it is wrought with immense troubles. The graphite present in the interior of the Earth turns into diamond after ages. This process takes a long time under a great pressure on the piece of graphite but, the time and test are worth it. The black and crude graphite turns into a dazzling diamond! But, this transformation is NOT easy and will not happen all of a sudden.

Not only this, NO great work is done in a moment and without pain, unfortunately in this complex world. If you want to achieve great things you have to undergo a great deal of testing and it naturally takes long time to achieve the goal, no wonder in this.
If something is done in a short time then it fades away soon and it is not great. Great things indeed require great struggle and long time to achieve.

Take for example; the ‘pyramids’ of Egypt were not built in a short time. Each ‘pyramid’ took years together to build and as you know these constructions are lasting long, over many thousands of years together. On the other hand, our modern architects are building constructions these days in no time; in a short time – and consequently these modern buildings are not lasting long. They collapse before they are merely a hundred years old.

On the other hand ‘time’ or ‘test’ alone is NOT sufficient to achieve the goal. If sufficient ‘time’ is given without sufficient ‘time’ things can’t be achieved and on the other hand immense struggle alone can’t achieve the feat unless sufficient time is given to accomplish it.

So, ‘time’ and ‘effort’ are the two legs on which anyone can reach their goal.

If the new born child wants to run – is it possible in a single day? Nay – the child can’t run in a single day how hard it might try. At least it takes a year or two before the child could run. But, before that time the child has to undergo a great deal of struggle, it has to raise and fall many times before it can walk or it can finally run.

On the other hand if the child is always lying in the cradle without trying to walk – how long time might be given to it, the child will not run; it will not learn to walk let aside the question of running.

But unfortunately, there is no guarantee that ‘sufficient time’ and ‘effort’ could grant you what you are aspiring for. In majority of the cases it is possible but, in some cases even though ‘effort’ is there for ‘sufficient time’ - the goal might remain ‘unconquered’. In these cases the ‘failure’ is attributed to ‘lack of luck’ on the subject concerned. For example, there are scientists trying throughout their lifetime to get the ‘Nobel prize’ but, they passed away without getting it in spite of their noticeable contributions.

Not only the great things, even in simple cases too people fail to achieve their goals though they struggle for long times. In these cases, ‘fate’ and ‘luck’ will come into play and these indicate that ‘only human effort’ and ‘sufficient time’ are not enough to attain the goal and something else is needed in fact to get ‘successes’ in life. This we call as ‘god grace’, ‘luck’ and the like.

But, in majority of the cases, ‘sufficient effort’ and ‘sufficient time’ are enough to attain ‘Success’. So, it implies that ‘success’ can be attained if we ‘work hard’ and ‘lack of success’ implies you didn’t work hard and there is some mistake either in the planning or effort or both.

Hence, the outcome of this article is that: we are solely responsible for our ‘successes’ and ‘failures’ as well and we have to blame ourselves for our ‘failure’ and no one else should be ‘blamed’ and this is what persons of ‘strong individuality’ reflect!

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~ Albert